Discover the Spirit of Tasmania and Western Civilisation

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The Book

Discover the Spirit of Tasmania and Western Civilisation is a book by Tasmanian author Shannon Davey, which examines what this unique island has to offer the world.

It includes a gallery by Tasmanian photographers, providing visual cues, and a series of meditations. The legacy of the state’s exceptional physical environment, Aboriginal heritage, and history of values and ideas is explored and evaluated.


At first I thought …. a …. piece about the beauty and wonders of Tasmania …. with accompanying photos and serene meditations to bring one closer to the natural beauty of the land and its people.

Boy was I in for a surprise …. It is all so well written and thought out …. the history and politics of the world, sieved through that one small state …. and a messy history it is ….

Kieran Kane, US ‘Americana’ Music Artist, Nashville, Tennessee

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