Book Synopsis

The following text appears on the back cover of the book and gives a broad insight into what the book is all about.

Discover the Spirit of Tasmania and Western Civilisation is an examination of what this unique island has to offer the world.

With a gallery by Tasmanian photographers providing visual cues, and a series of meditations, the legacy of the state’s exceptional physical environment, Aboriginal heritage, and history of values and ideas is explored and evaluated.

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The essence of Tasmania’s cultural heritage is distilled through a narrative that centres on the gradual emergence of an ethic of equality from a dark past and the island’s subsequent incubation of democracy, egalitarianism and human rights.

There is a plea for critical awareness of the potential for subversion of this cultural inheritance and of narrow interests threatening personal and social wellbeing. The spiritual heritage within the Tasmanian ethos is critically examined with a view to reconciliation of social divisions, and as a way of fostering human potential.

The spectacular ability of Tasmania’s physical environment to nurture contemplative, non-economic spiritual connection, such as with the example of surfing, is examined with reference to interpersonal values and the challenges of stewardship and diminishing sustainability.

This is a holistic vision for the future that makes a claim for common ground, inclusiveness, reconciliation and new responsibility, an integrity that will be necessary for rebuilding trust and conviction across society and to support claims as to the merits of western civilisation in Asia and on a world scale.