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Our Western civilisation and Australian cultural heritage values, the supposed unifying ‘glue’ of our society, are vaguely defined and are not spelled out in a logically coherent form, yet they are powerful and they are frequently referenced across national life.

They are commonly manipulated and ‘fudged’ as ‘playthings’, partisan tools of political persuasion, and also as points of contention in culture wars, the national school curriculum and environmental policy.

This has resulted in increased polarisation and lack of trust across society.

Because our cultural heritage values lack coherence the West and Australia have also struggled to mount a credible counter narrative, beyond militarism and security policing, to gain traction in the battle of ideas with radical Islam.

Is there in fact a coherent democratic narrative that has integrity?

Discover the Spirit of Tasmania and Western Civilisation uses Tasmania as a case study to outline a logical and historically referenced narrative which centres on the gradual emergence from a dark past towards values of human equality and subsequent democracy and human rights.

It also examines the sometimes draconian repercussions, right up to the present, where people are characterised and treated as less than equal.

The book critically analyses and distills this emergent spirit of Western, Anglosphere culture with reference to interpersonal relations and environmental sustainability.

This is a holistic vision for the future that makes a claim for common ground, inclusiveness, reconciliation and new responsibility, an integrity that will be necessary for rebuilding trust and conviction across society and to support claims as to the merits of Western civilisation in Asia and on a world scale.

"... a vision that deserves to be heard" Barry Franks, journalist

“… a vision that deserves to be heard” Barry Franks, journalist