What strikes me about this work, the words and the photographs, is the way that I am carried by their suggestion into that place of shared wonder, that place where we touch an ethereal quality and know that others also see the same beauty in the landscape and in life itself.  We stand mute witness in time and space. Shannon has had the courage and been articulate enough to say something meaningful in the silence.

Tim Holmes, Master Builder & Artist


“….. you had me captivated this morning. You have presented a wealth of knowledge and wisdom as well as a beautiful pictorial all in one cover, plus great tools to help us individually and collectively move on.”

Sonia Jane, Poet


“I didn’t know what to expect really …. I was about to send a note after the first chapter but decided to wade in a bit further before pulling the pin ….

At first I thought what a wonderful contemplative piece about the beauty and wonders of Tasmania …. with accompanying photos and serene meditations to bring one closer to the natural beauty of the land and its people …. by all indications a work that any visitor could use as a guide to explore the pathways and shorelines of that bountiful island.

Boy was I in for a surprise …. It is all so well written and thought out …. the history and politics of the world sieved through that one small state …. and a messy history it is….

Kudos on a work well done.”

Kieran Kane, US ‘Americana’ Music Artist, Nashville, Tennessee

Website:  http://www.deadreckoners.com


“A must for every Tasmanian’s library.”

Ron Rainbow, Photographer

“Huge congratulations to Shannon on this masterpiece of philosophy, surf and photography about Tasmania.

A different view of our State which can be a frustrating place to live in some times because of the horrible history, ongoing issues and small mindedness. But, we are lucky!


Thanks for reminding us Shannon …. All the world in a grain of sand ….”

Janet Slater, Surfer